Where does Sylvia see clients?

Generally speaking, Sylvia sees clients in her office in Kensington, MD.  With her memory care clients, she works in their respective facility.

What does an energy medicine session with Sylvia look like?

An energy medicine session begins with an informative discussion between Sylvia and her client.  They discuss the reason why the client is seeking energy medicine sessions and the client’s goals and expectations.  They also go over the Client Consent Form and the Client Intake Form, both of which are provided to the client prior to the first session.  Sylvia also reminds the client that both Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki provide tools for the client to use once they leave the office.  This is the beauty of these two modalities.  To the degree the client wishes, he/she can participate on a daily basis in the enhancement of his/her own well-being.

The next step is an assessment of the client’s energy systems.  Using very simple, gentle energy tests, blockages and disharmony in the energy systems can be determined.  The test can be as simple as asking the client to walk forward and then backward or read a sentence forward and backward, followed by a kinesiology-based energy test.  This test involves a gentle movement of an arm or leg.

Having determined where energy is imbalanced, Sylvia then proceeds to use any of a number of ‘tools in her toolbox’ to start the harmonization process.  Remember, when the body’s energies are in harmony and flowing smoothly, the body then starts to hum. One feels more energized, has more vitality, feels less stressed and/or anxious, can think more clearly, is relieved of pain, can sleep better, and will notice improvements in chronic conditions.

At the end of the session, Sylvia will share with the client what she has done.  The client is also given one or two tools to use to continue the energetic work done during the session and to enhance his/her daily wellbeing.

How will I feel during an energy session?

Because everyone’s energy is unique, each person will have a different experience.  [Donna Eden likes to say a person’s energy is as unique as a thumbprint. Sylvia likes to say each person’s energy is as unique as a snowflake, as unique as the stripes on a zebra.] Some will find renewed joy, some will experience release of pain, some will find a shift in chronic conditions, some will feel old energy habits let go and almost everyone will experience deep healing relaxation.

Because subtle energy work befits its name, some may not sense any change during a session, only to experience it later.  For example, one client who came to Sylvia because of over-riding anxiety said she had left the office thinking nothing had happened, only to realize on her drive home that she no longer felt she was “crawling out of her skin.”  And, to her relief, this renewed sense of wellbeing continued.

Can one do just one session?

Yes, of course.  However, building resilience and changing energy habits takes time. Like any other form of self-care, one must continue to build these new energy habits into his/her daily life.  To keep building on the work done, most clients choose several sessions.


sometimes, one may want to have just one session to bring peace and quiet to the mind and body,

sometimes, a client wants a chakra clearing and this often can be done in one session,

sometimes, clients simply want a “tune-up” and to be guided on how to proceed with their own energy medicine self-care work.

Does Sylvia do Reiki sessions?

Although Reiki falls under the category of energy medicine, Sylvia does do sessions that are strictly Reiki.  They are similar to an energy medicine session but there is no energy assessment.  Their purpose is to bring the client into a space of deep relaxation.

Must one remove clothing?

One is only asked to remove shoes, belts and perhaps some jewelry.  Otherwise, the client remains fully clothed throughout the session.

Will there be needles?

No, not at all! Sylvia is not an acupuncturist.

How long does a session last?

Initial session:  The client is asked to allow two hours for the first session.  This session includes the intake, energy assessment and at least one-half hour on the table. It also includes a 20 minute follow up call.

Follow up sessions:  These are one hour sessions.

In-Facility sessions:  Please contact Sylvia to discuss.

What is the cost?

Initial energy medicine session: $155.00.  Please allow two hours.

Follow-up sessions: $130.00